Monday, January 7, 2013

That's a wrap!

Right, so obviously the blogging aspect of this project fell by the wayside (considering this is my first post since the beginning of November...) but the reading side of it continued.

I actually wrapped up Revelation yesterday (after yet another marathon catch-up session spanning the past week) and officially managed to successfully read through the entirety of The Bible within a year.

In general, it was quite a good experience. There were some things that surprised me, some things that completely failed to surprise me, and more than a few challenging bits that caused entirely too much thought for the time of night that I finally sat down to do the readings.

I plan on continuing with a similar plan for 2013, but I'm not necessarily setting any lofty documentation goals for this one. I'll be keeping this blog around, though, and hopefully stopping from time to time as I find things that I think are interesting enough to write about.

Thanks to anyone who's actually reading this, and to all the people who sent messages encouraging me to keep up the reading and writing, I'm sorry I was only able to do one of those things.


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